Criminal Defense Matters

Anyone charged with a crime has the right to a strong legal defense. Whether it is lesser charges like possession of marijuana or shoplifting here in Collegeville, The Law Offices of Leah N. Westerman, LLC, will aggressively fight for your legal right to fair treatment under the law.

Attorney Leah N. Westerman was born and raised in the community here. She knows the legal community of fellow lawyers and judges and can advocate on behalf of her clients. She sits down with her clients to listen to their side of the story and determine if the arrest is valid or not. We then prepare your case and work toward a best possible outcome.

The Consequences Of Criminal Charges

Criminal charges often grow in severity with repeat offenses of a crime. It is wise to speak with a criminal defense lawyer even if the charges seem relatively minor so that subsequent charges are not as serious. Typical charges we handle include:

  • DUI: There is much at stake here, including loss of license, fines and jail time.
  • Shoplifting: The implications of this can be a red flag for retail employment.
  • Underage drinking: One youthful indiscretion can affect schooling, scholarships and other important matters.
  • Drug crimes: Even a possession of marijuana charge can lead to fines and jail time in certain circumstances.
  • Drunk and disorderly: This charge is common in college towns, but schools still take a dim view of it.

Defending Your Future

Whether you are a repeat offender or you are facing charges for the first time, Leah N. Westerman is an attorney who knows how important these life-changing charges can be. Not only can there be fines or jail time, it is also important to understand that what convictions mean a criminal record. If a criminal record is already a concern, speak with us about criminal record expungement.

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