Child Custody And Parenting

One of the most contentious issues during the divorce process is child custody. The courts and many experts believe that joint custody is best because it allows both parents to remain active in their children's lives. While children still may primarily live with one parent, joint custody allows both parents equal weight with important decisions involving religion, schooling, vacation time, holidays and other matters.

The Law Offices of Leah N. Westerman, LLC, works extensively with families that have custody issues. We find that it is best to have an open and frank discussion about the needs of the children and expectations of the parents. Ideally, the two sides can come to a workable agreement. Unfortunately, some parents are either unfit for custody or have unrealistic expectations. This can mean the expense of a court battle, but the priority should remain the well-being of the children.

Common Types Of Custody

Custody arrangements are as unique as the family itself. However there are a few types of custody that are quite common:

  • Joint legal custody: This arrangement means that the parents must consult with each other before finalizing any important decisions involving the children even if the children primarily reside with one parent.
  • Joint physical custody: This is where the parents share legal custody and are equally involved in the day-to-day duties of raising their children.
  • Sole custody: A judge may award sole custody to one parent if the other is unsuitable or unable to fulfill their parental obligations due to financial issues, chemical dependency or other problems.

Modifications To Custody Arrangements

As is common with many family law issues, changes may need to be made to the basic custody arrangement. The reasons may be that kids are simply growing older and have different needs, or because parents move or switch jobs.

Contact Us To Discuss Creating Or Updating Your Custody Arrangement

It is always best to consult with a lawyer when important issues involving child custody are determined or updated. Even when you have a good relationship with your counterpart, it is still advisable to have an attorney draft an agreement in case enforcement becomes an issue. Call our office in Collegeville at 484-690-4037 or use our Contact page.